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Johan Niss, Rörsjöstaden, Malmö - 2024-04-15

Hej, fick svar om obsen David E hade 14/4:

Dear Johan

Very many thanks for keeping us posted.
This is the 6th sighting of the Med gull, which hatched in Mecklenburg in 2022 season.
Please find the rambler´s CV enclosed.

Pass on our thanks and kind regards to David, please.

We`d like to know, if you hear again from a yellow tagged one.

kind regards


The German Colour-ringing project with Mediterranean Gulls uses green and yellow rings with codes of four letters/numbers, always starting with letter *A*.
Recovery administration is shared between Hendrik Trapp (eastern Germany) and Volker Dierschke (western Germany).

Thank you for reporting your sighting. Previously known data of your bird(s) are given below.

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Metal ring

Current colour ring Former colour ring Species

Age at ringing


Ringing date Ringing place Latitude/Longitude Ringer





Hiddensee IA 206059

yellow AKLL

Mediterranean gull (Larus melanocephalus) Pullus: nestling or chick, unable to fly unknown


Insel Langenwerder, Colony, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern 54° 01' 37'' N 011° 29' 34'' E

Bernd Heinze

nest no. 2;

 sibling yellow AKLK;

 Date Place Country Latitude / Longitude Km Days Type Finder Remarks

 Ijmuiden, Strand, Noord-Holland

 06.05.2023 Ile Aux Oiseaux, Préverenges, Vaud Switzerland 46° 30' 25'' N 006° 32' 07'' E 907 322 p Terry Guillaume amongst 35 Med Gulls; 2 Slender-billed Gulls as well;

 Ile Aux Oiseaux, Préverenges, Vaud

 04.11.2023 Bembridge Harbour, Bembridge, Isle of England 50° 41' 39'' N 001° 05' 46'' W 931 504 v Wight

Mark Buckley

"MG numbers have increased a little recently";

 Plage de la Banche, Binic, Côtes d'Armor

 14.04.2024 Revet, north of Simrishamns harbour, Sweden 55° 33' 40'' N 014° 21' 00'' E 250 666 p David Erterius Skane

Type of recovery: v - colour ring read, m - metal ring read, p - photographed, c - trapped and released, d - found dead

Johan Niss, Rörsjöstaden, Malmö - 2024-04-15

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